About Prize Bond Wallet

Prizebond.net offer a free and very useful feature called prize bond wallet for all its visitors for free. By using this feature you will keep your prize bond numbers in your electronic wallet with us you can mange your numbers that's include adding more numbers, deleting old numbers etc any time you want. You can check all your numbers once you have entered them in your wallet by just clicking the report button. In addition on each draw we will check yours numbers for you and if you have won any prize will inform you by sending you sms on your mobile number which you provide us on the time of registration with all the details of your winning numbers. we ensure you that we will keep your information private and secure and we will not sell or share any thing that personally belongs to you. There is no specific requirement to create your wallet account with prizebond.net just fill the basic form and you are ready to go. if you have any question or any thing you want to clear please feel free to call us at 03339958308 for further queries. So now just throw all your worry about checking prize bond numbers and lets start with us now

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Wallet is free portal that you can use to store all your prize bond numbers after you create free account with us , then you can check all your numbers with one click instead of entering all the numbers again & again , you can also manage your numbers by adding or deleting different or all numbers

We do not benefit from you numbers , our earning is base on advertisement we have on our website , the basic purpose of this portal is attract visitor at large and nothing else

State bank issue prize bond with same numbers almost 10 or 15 times  with different serial Numbers called series. When you add your numbers here you only add last 6 numeric digits so no body know what series you have and second the original prize bond is with you and we are not asking any address etc so it is 100% secure to add your numbers in you wallet and there is no harm that can be done to you by using this wallet. However if you have any question or doubts you can contact us on 03339958308 or you can get legal opinion from any one who is close to you to make your self clear

We are working on the system so you can get alert both on your mobile and your email in case you won any prize but currently you have to press single button to get all your numbers checked

aboustly not its total fee service you have to pay nothing but if you like our system and want to support us you can donate us at your will ...

Our system is user friendly and any body with minimum knowledge of computer can use our system however if you have any problem you can contact us at 03339958308 any time you want .